Decorative Throw Pillow - Autumn Color Leaves - 2 Sided Lumbar Pillow

Regular price$34.00

Decorative Lumbar Pillow. Ignite your surroundings with our creatively designed lumbar pillow, a vibrant canvas designed for those with an artistic soul. Embracing the unconventional, this pillow becomes an expressive punctuation mark in your design narrative, injecting personality and flair into any setting. Let your space resonate with the essence of your creativity through this unconventional, visually captivating lumbar pillow. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance, a splash of color, or a cozy element to your space, our throw pillow cover set options provide the perfect solution to transform your living areas with style and comfort.


* 100% Polyester cover

* 100% Polyester removable insert

* Double sided print

* Concealed zipper

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