Gift Ideas for The Bridal Party

Weddings are fun and exciting for everyone involved. The bride and groom are exchanging their sacred vows to one another and invite friends, family and loved ones to share in their life-altering experience. They also ask people who are especially close to them to be an intricate part of their nuptials: the wedding party!

The bride asks her closest friends or family to stand next to her at the altar to exclusively share in her experience and the groom asks his closest friends or family members to do the same. At some point, the bride and groom express their appreciation of the wedding party by giving special gifts to each member. If you're a bride and wondering what gifts you can hand out to your bridal party, here are some ideas to get you started!

Necklaces: Most girls love jewelry, especially when it holds a special meaning. The necklaces can be made of whatever type of metal you choose. They can all be matching necklaces that the bridal party can wear during the wedding, which will help them to be even more coordinated with their dresses, or they can be personalized for each person. For instance, each necklace can have a pendant that boasts the bridal party member's initials or favorite colors.

Bracelets: Bracelets can be fun to work with because they can be plain, beaded or even charm bracelets. The colors can all match each other or each individual can have a special, personalized version to wear. It takes more time to personalize several different bracelets, but it turns into a true keepsake for the wearer.

Totes: Totes are easily personalized by having each bridal party member's name or initials stitched or stamped onto them. If you'd rather not have your full names on the personalized totes, you can have your initials added, accompanied by the date of your wedding. You have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, as well as even the style of the totes. It's a gift that can be used over and over by the bridal party, even after the wedding.

Painted Wine Glasses: There's a new trend on the scenes and it's customized, painted wine glasses. They are fun, easily used again and again, and even great to use just as decorations. Artists can paint a wide variety of designs, patterns, and themes, and have even attached things to them such as diamonds and feathers. This is a gift that gives you the option of looking sleek and sophisticated or fun and sassy.

Picture Frames: There's a variety of picture frames to choose from including wedding picture frames, personalized picture frames, specialty picture frames, and more. You can choose the type of material, the size, the type of engraving, what the engraving says and what picture to include. If you have special memories of each bridal party member you want to highlight, each gift can be personalized by adding the picture. This is an easy and affordable way to show your gratitude.

Engravable Flasks: Not every girl is a fan of wine; some prefer beverages of another sort! This is a fun and sassy gift that is easily personalized with the individual's name or initials. These don't have to be the traditional plain flask of the past, either; engravable flasks now come in a variety of colors and designs, such as hot pink, zebra print or even binged out with diamonds!

Regardless of what type of gift you choose to give your bridal party, all that matters is that they know they are loved and appreciated for choosing to participate in your big day. It was an honor for you to ask them, but it's also an honor that they accepted! Let them know that and your work is done!